Workplaces: What are they and how do they get into my account?

Workplaces overview
A “workplace” represents an organization you work with that utilizes EverCheck’s software to verify and manage employee license compliance. All workplace data is housed in the “Workplaces” app on your EverCheck Wallet dashboard.

Organizations that appear in the Workplaces app are able to request and receive information from you via EverCheck Wallet.

Note: Workplaces typically appear as the name of the organizational entity rather than by a particular hospital or facility within the organization. 

The connection between your EverCheck Wallet account and your workplace is typically automatic and requires no intervention on your behalf. The invitation that you used to register your EverCheck Wallet account automatically ties you to your workplace.

Re-establishing a connection to your workplace
However, in some cases the connection between your account and your workplace may be broken. If you believe that you may be experiencing a connection issue, you can re-establish this connection by clicking the link in your EverCheck Wallet invitation email and going through the account linking process. Check here to see if you have an active invitation that can be used to link your account.

For additional support with re-establishing a connection between your EverCheck Wallet account and your workplace, use the chat bubble at the bottom right of the screen to talk to support. Or, reach out to

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