How did you get my information?

If you've received an invitation via email to register with EverCheck Wallet, your employer provided your email address to EverCheck. 

About EverCheck

EverCheck is a Credentials Verification Organization. Roughly 350 healthcare organizations across the United States utilize our services to verify and manage their caregivers' licensure.

As part of our service to these organizations, we offer EverCheck Wallet for their caregivers to use. This app allows you to maintain the licensure required for your role from within the app and allows your employer to request updates from you digitally (you'll see these requests in your Wallet Inbox). 

Your employer provided us with your email address so that we could invite you to use the EverCheck Wallet app. We do not use your email for any purposes other than tasks related to collecting, verifying, and managing licensure, and we never distribute or sell your information to third parties. 

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