Maintaining your preferences/settings

To update your account preferences in EverCheck Wallet, toggle to the Settings icon in either the web or mobile application.

Once in Settings, you can update things like: 

  • Your first, middle, and last name.
    This will update your name in your account, but not the name your employer has on record for you. 
  • Your preferred email.
    Since this is the email you use to log in to EverCheck Wallet, updating your preferred email will also update your login credentials. 
  • Your password.
    Updating your password here also updates your login credentials.
  • Your notification preferences.
    Whether you use the web or mobile version of Wallet, you'll still receive important messages to your Wallet Inbox and to your email. If you're on mobile and would like to change your push notification preferences, you can do that here in Settings. 
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