What are board interruptions?

EverCheck’s standard is daily, automated verification of licenses, certifications, and registrations (LCRs). However, automation is highly dependent on the technology and the infrastructure offered by licensing boards considered to be the primary source. As a result, updates or changes to a licensing board’s infrastructure may temporarily interrupt EverCheck’s ability to perform automated verification. 

Board interruption protocol 
To help ease board interruptions, EverCheck’s team performs manual verification of your LCRs until we’re able to restore the automated process.

Verification of your LCRs is performed at the following cadence until a renewal is captured:

  • The day before the LCR expiration date
  • The day of the LCR expiration date
  • The day after the LCR expiration date

Additionally, EverCheck notifies your employer of any board interruptions that may impact your licensure. 

Notifications are designed to remind you about upcoming renewals. If you've already renewed your credential and continue to receive notifications, please disregard those notifications. 

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