How EverCheck verifies your credentials

EverCheck reports as a Credentials Verification Organization (CVO), automatically verifying your credentials with the primary source whenever possible so that your workplace has the most up-to-date information at all times. EverCheck is able to verify many of your credentials on a daily basis with the primary source. However, not all credentials can be verified with the primary source, such as those that can only be tracked via the expiration date. Let’s take a look at the various credentials that EverCheck verifies. 

NPI numbers: 
EverCheck verifies NPI numbers with the NPPES registry to ensure that the NPI number is active and valid. NPI numbers are verified upon initial addition to your EverCheck Wallet account and at any time updates/changes are made.

Licenses, certification, and registrations: 
EverCheck verifies licenses, certifications, and registrations (LCRs) with the primary source whenever possible. During verification, we’re extracting data such as: 

  • The LCR status and expiration date
  • The name to whom the LCR is issued
  • Whether the LCR has any disciplinary actions (if applicable)

In your EverCheck Wallet account, the LCR will be given a status of “Clear,” “Verifying,” “Expiring,” or “Expired.” Any disciplinary actions recorded will be visible only to your workplace.

LCRs that are verified using only the expiration date, such as certifications issued by the American Red Cross, are reviewed by a Medical Staff Professional from your workplace.  


For more information on how to review and update the credentials in your EverCheck Wallet account, click here

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