Requesting privileges

Requesting privileges from your workplace is done in the “Delineation of privileges” section of your provider application. A request to complete your provider application for initial and/or reappointment will appear as a task in your inbox. If there is not a task in your inbox, you will not be able to request privileges through EverCheck Wallet at this time. 

For those who have an application task, you can request privileges by following these steps:

  1.  Go to and sign into your account using your login credentials. This will bring you to your EverCheck Wallet dashboard, where you’ll see the inbox task that “invites you to submit your credentials.” Click that task.

  2. Here, you’ll see your provider application. To request privileges, select “Delineation of privileges.”

    Keep in mind, your application will look different based on how much of it has been completed. In this example, the provider has only completed the DEA/CDS registration so far.

  3. Click the “Let’s do it!” button to begin.

  4. Here, you will click the box next to the privileges you’d like to request. 
  5. The privileges you see are predetermined based on your workplace’s criteria for your specialty and/or subspecialty. The specialty that you see is a result of the information provided by your workplace. If you have questions about how your specialty and/or subspecialty was determined, please contact your workplace directly.

    Additionally, you may or may not see criteria listed below each privilege. For more information, please reference this article:  Can I see what is required for each privilege?

    5. Once you’ve selected all of the privileges you’d like to request, click “Save” at the bottom of the screen.

    Please note: You’re able to make changes within the “Delineation of privileges” section at any time prior to submitting your application. 

    Your request for privileges will be sent to your workplace when the application is submitted. To submit your application, you must complete each section and the attestation. For help with completing your provider application, click here


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