Reviewing and updating your credentials

EverCheck Wallet acts as a digital keychain for your credentials. When those credentials are kept up to date, it makes your application process more seamless.

EverCheck Wallet auto-fills credentialing applications for some workplaces with the information stored in your account. If your credentials are up-to-date, all you’ll need to do is review, attest, and submit applications. Plus, updates made to your credentials in EverCheck Wallet are automatically shared with any workplace that is tracking the credential for your employment.

After registering your EverCheck Wallet account, the first thing you’ll want to do is review the information already on file, make updates where necessary, and add any additional information needed to complete your profile. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to and sign in using your login credentials. Please note: You must register your account using the unique link delivered to your email address first.

  2. Click the “Credentials” icon on the dashboard.

  3. Here, you’ll see a list of your credentials. This section will look different based on how much of your information has been reviewed and marked as complete. The goal is to reach 100% completion.

    To review your credentials, click into each section and walk through the necessary steps to either approve the information on file, or make updates. For example, let’s review Provider Demographics. Click the “Provider demographics” section.

  4. In this example, the provider’s information is prepopulated with the information that their workplace has on file for them. If all of the information is accurate, click “Next section.” If you need to make updates, you can do so by selecting the pencil icon on the right side of your screen.

  5. After repeating this process for each section, your credentials review will be 100% complete. 

For guidance on how to upload documentation within a section, click here.


After completing the initial review of the credentials in your EverCheck Wallet account, it’s important that you continue to update your information. When you need to update a credential, sign into your account at and follow the steps below: Please note: Your Inbox may look different than the example shown here depending on whether or not you have an outstanding application to complete.

  1. Click the “Credentials” icon on your dashboard.
  2. Here, you will select the credential that you want to update. For example, if it’s time to update your PPD/TB vaccine you’ll select the “Provider health” section.
  3. Select “Update” on the yellow banner.
  4. Enter the requested fields to update your vaccine information. This includes uploading proof of your PPD/TB vaccine and chest x-ray (if applicable). You may drag and drop the document(s) directly onto this page, or select “browse” to upload the document(s) from your files.
  5. Click “Continue” and your new information will be populated in the “Provider health” section and EverCheck Wallet will keep track of the expiration date moving forward.
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