Completing your provider application

EverCheck Wallet enables you to submit a digital application for initial and/or reappointment purposes. If a workplace requests a new application from you, you can complete the application by logging into your EverCheck Wallet account and following the steps below. 

Please note:
This example demonstrates the process of completing an initial provider application. You will follow the same steps for a reappointment application, but instead of entering all of your information for the first time you will review the information already on file and make updates as needed. 

  1. Click the task in your EverCheck Wallet Inbox that invites you to submit your credentials.
  2. Next, click into and complete each section by following the prompts and providing any requested information. A green checkmark will appear next to the sections that are complete.

    Important things to note while completing your provider application: 
    • Some of these sections may be pre-populated with credentials. Even if there are pre-populated credentials, you should work through each section to ensure everything is accurate and updated.

      When completing a reappointment application, each section will be marked as “Needs review” until it is complete. 
    • EverCheck Wallet saves your information as you go, so you do not have to complete all of the sections in one sitting. To resume working on your provider application, sign into your EverCheck Wallet account and click the inbox task on your dashboard (see step 1). The task will remain in your inbox until your application is completed and submitted. 
    • Any documents you upload while working through these sections will also appear in the Documents tab of your EverCheck Wallet account. If you choose to re-upload a document, only the most current version of the document will appear in the application and be visible to your workplace. 
    • Any data you enter is stored in compliance with all applicable federal regulations. This includes: 
      • All of your demographic information
      • Provider health
      • DEA
      • Military service, if applicable
      • Malpractice claims, if applicable
      • All documents, including case logs, if you choose to submit. 
    • EverCheck verifies any medical licenses, certifications, DEA registrations, and/or NPI data uploaded in your application with the primary source. You may see a temporary status of “Verifying” while this happens (see image below). Your application can be submitted even if your credential has a “Verifying” status.

      When the verification process is complete, you’ll see the card’s status change to "Clear," "Expiring," or "Expired" based on the expiration date of the credential. With the exception of primary licenses, you may submit your application with an expired credential.
    • You must include a minimum of 3 peer references when completing the Peer References section. An email is not automatically sent to your peer references upon application submission. Rather, the Medical Staff Professional (MSP) responsible for your application will deliver the email requests to your references.
  3. After completing the credentials section, you’ll select your delineation of privileges.
    These privileges are defined by your workplace and are specific to your specialty and/or sub-specialty. Once requested, the MSP will grant or deny these privileges.
  4. Once both the Credentials and Delineation of privileges sections are complete, you’ll see the "Attest and submit" button appear at the bottom of the page. Click that button to begin the attestation process.
  5. Read the various attestations and provide your digital signature.
  6. Click the "Submit my credentials" button to share your provider application with the workplace that is requesting it.
    Note: Once submitted, you may not make any changes to your application.


If you want to view the information submitted within your provider application, you may do so at any time by selecting the "Credentials" icon on your dashboard.


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Still having trouble with your provider application? Use the chat bubble at the bottom of the screen to chat with support or reach out via email to

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