Do I have to complete the Credentials section of my application in order?

You have the flexibility to complete the Credentials sections in any order that you choose. When you begin a section, it’s important to complete it in its entirety to ensure that your progress is saved. Click the “Continue” button to continue working through any given section.

You’ll be notified when you’ve reached the end of a section and you’ll have the option to continue to the next section on the list, or go back and select a different section to work through. 

Once you’ve completed a section, a green checkmark will appear next to it on the Credentials list. 

You may go back and edit a section prior to submitting the application. Once your application is submitted, you’re unable to edit the entries. The “Attest and Submit” button will only become available when you’ve completed all of the Credentials sections as well as the Delineation of Privileges. 

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