Logging into your EverCheck Wallet account

To log in to your EverCheck Wallet account, you must first complete the account registration using the link sent to you by your employer. Click here to learn more about registering with EverCheck Wallet. 

If your account is already registered, you can navigate to evercheckwallet.com and select the ‘Sign in’ button at the top right of the screen. 

To log into your EverCheck Wallet account, you’ll need: 

  1. The same email address that you used to complete your account registration
  2. Your account password

After you’ve entered your login credentials, click the ‘Log in’ button.

Unable to log in? You may be experiencing one of the following issues: 

  1. You haven’t registered your account
    1. Here’s how to register your EverCheck
    2. If you can’t find the account registration email from your employer, you may resend the email invitation
  2. EverCheck Wallet doesn’t recognize your email address
    1. Make sure you’re logging in at evercheckwallet.com, not evercheck.com
    2. The email you’re trying to sign in with isn’t the one that you used when registering your account. Although EverCheck recommends registering with your personal email account, you may have registered with your work email. Please try both email addresses.
  3. You forgot your login email and/or password
    1. Click here for help with resetting your login credentials

If you’ve explored the possible issues above and are still having trouble getting into your account, please contact support

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