Why doesn't EverCheck Wallet recognize my email?

If EverCheck Wallet doesn't recognize your email, it could be one of a few reasons: 

  1. The email you're entering isn't the same as the one you used to register your account. Typically, we recommend registering with a personal email address. You may have used that email, or you may have used your work email instead.
  2. You may not have completed your registration. We can resend a registration email to you. You can request that here
  3. You may not be attempting to log in on the correct website. Make sure when you attempt to log in, you're at the EverCheck Wallet website.

    Attempting to log in at the EverCheck website will result in an error as that is the portal for HR and managers. 

If you continue to experience login issues, please contact support using the chat bubble at the bottom right of this page, or by emailing support@evercheckwallet.com. 

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