I don't hold the type of license you're asking for. What do I do?

The licenses, certifications, and registrations (LCRs) we're requesting that you add or update in EverCheck Wallet are actually requests from your employer (you'll see them as Inbox items). Your employer carefully defined which LCRs are needed for your role and passed that information along to EverCheck.

If you can submit more than one license type to satisfy the task, you'll see the option to do so in EverCheck Wallet (for instance, Wallet will show you that you can submit either an ACLS OR a BLS, if your employer has stated that's allowed). If you don't see the option, it's because only the license type shown is permissible to satisfy the requirement. 

EverCheck Wallet does not have the authority to override these requirements or to allow another LCR to be submitted in lieu of the one requested.

If you do not hold the type of LCR being requested or you believe you should have the option to submit another LCR type in lieu of the one being requested, please reach out to your employer directly. 

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