Why am I receiving an "Invalid format" message?

The license number that you enter must match what is displayed on the board's website exactly. 

Here are a few good rules of thumb to ensure you enter a valid number: 

  • Don't copy and paste a license number from the board's website. Sometimes the characters get lost in translation and it won't register with EverCheck Wallet. When in doubt, type the license number.
  • Be sure there aren't any extra spaces before or after the text you enter. 
  • Verify your license number with the board's website beforehand to be sure it matches what you've entered.
  • You'll also want to double-check that the license number you're providing matches the license type that's being requested. For instance, if you hold a temporary license, be sure to select the temporary license option in Wallet, not the permanent license. 

If you're still having trouble after attempting these fixes, feel free to reach out to EverCheck Wallet support. 

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