What happens after I submit my licenses?

Once you submit new or updates to your licenses, certifications, and registrations (LCRs), EverCheck works to verify the license. While verification is in progress, your license status will show as "Verifying" in EverCheck Wallet. 

For many licenses, EverCheck verifies with the licensing board automatically. This means that within about 24 hours of you submitting the LCR, you'll see an updated status. 

Some LCRs require your employer to review them before they're accepted as part of your employee record. If you've submitted any documentation (i.e., you've either scanned and uploaded or captured a photo), then this immediately qualifies the LCR for employer review. How long these types of LCRs stay in the "verifying" status depends entirely on how long it takes your employer to review the information you provided. 

If your LCR has been in a verifying status for longer than 72 hours, please reach out to EverCheck support and we can provide guidance as to whether you should contact your employer regarding the status. 

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