Which licenses do I need to update in EverCheck Wallet?

Some of your licenses, certifications, and registrations (LCRs) in EverCheck Wallet will update automatically when you renew your license with the board. Others require you to provide us with some information about the renewal, like when you are issued a new expiration date for your BLS or ACLS. 

Here's the difference. 

Automatic Renewal Updates 
If a license updates automatically when you renew with the board, it's because EverCheck verifies your license with the primary source every day. Once the primary source shows a new expiration date, we provide that information to your employer and update your license in EverCheck Wallet, too. This all happens automatically; all you have to do is make sure to renew on time with the licensing authority. 

Manual Renewal Updates 
Some licensing authorities either don't have an electronic database we can interface with or they issue physical cards (like course completion cards or even e-cards). In this case, we aren't able to automatically find the new expiration date when you renew, so it's up to you to provide the details of your renewal in EverCheck Wallet. 

If your employer needs you to provide an update to your license via EverCheck Wallet, you'll see an Inbox task. 
Simply follow the prompts to provide us with the details of your license renewal, like your new expiration date. 

Note: If your employer ever requests anything of you, you'll see it appear as an Inbox task within Wallet.

If you don't see a task to provide the details of your license renewal, then it's likely because we already have captured or will capture the renewal automatically from the board's website. 

Important note: You cannot renew your license via EverCheck Wallet. You must renew with the licensing board. 

EverCheck Wallet is meant to help you track renewals and submit updates to your employer. You won't be able to renew your license through the application. 

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