What do I do if I have an “expired” or “expiring” license, certification, or registration (LCR)?

Step 1. Renew your LCR with the licensing authority.
Always refer to the board for the requirements to renew your license, certification, or registration. 

Step 2. Log into your EverCheck Wallet account.
Visit evercheckwallet.com to sign in, or open the app from your iPhone or Android device and sign in. 


Step 3. Navigate to the Licenses tab or section of your account.
(no sooner than 24 hours after you've renewed your LCR with the board).

Step 4. Check to see whether the LCR reflects your recent renewal.
Please allow at least 24 hours after you’ve renewed your LCR with the licensing authority.

If the LCR showing in EverCheck Wallet does reflect your renewal, you’re all set and there’s nothing more to do on your end. If your employer tracks this LCR, they’ll automatically see the update; there’s no need to send it to them manually.

If not (see image below), please continue to step 5 to manually update your LCR. 

Step 5. If necessary, manually update your LCR.

To manually update the LCR, click the three-dot menu and select "update." Then, provide the details of the LCR’s new expiration date. Please submit all information the application requests of you for successful processing of the renewal update.

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