Submitting Licensure to Your Workplace

Your workplace may request that you submit licences, certifications, and/or registrations (LCRs) to them via EverCheck Wallet. Whether you’re a new employee submitting licensure for the first time, providing updates to expired licensure, etc., here’s how you’ll complete your workplace’s request.

  1. Sign in to your EverCheck Wallet account via or the EverCheck Wallet mobile application.

    Please note: You must register your account before submitting LCRs to your workplace. 

  2. Requests from your workplace to submit LCRs will appear as tasks in your EverCheck Wallet Inbox. Click the Inbox task that says “Submit your license details.”

  3. Here, you’ll follow the prompts to enter your LCR details.

    The information that EverCheck Wallet asks for varies and is based on your specific LCR type. You may be asked to enter a license number and/or provide photo documentation. If for whatever reason you do not hold the LCR that your workplace is requesting, click here.

    a.  License numbers: Enter your license number exactly as it appears with the issuing authority.

    b. Photo documentation: If you’re on your desktop, you may browse files on your computer or simply drag and drop files directly onto the screen. Accepted file types include .jpg, .jpeg, .png, and.tiff. PDFs are accepted for non-American Heart Association credentials only. 

  4. If you’re using the EverCheck Wallet mobile app, you may upload files stored on your phone by selecting “Upload documentation” or simply capture photos of your LCR by clicking “Capture photo.”

  5. After entering the information for your specific LCR, click “Continue” to ensure that your information has been submitted to your workplace.

    Your LCRs have now been submitted for verification. However, this does not ensure that your workplace will accept your submission. If for any reason your LCR was rejected, you will receive a notification to resubmit your information. 

    If you do not receive a notification to resubmit, then no further action is required.


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