Welcome to EverCheck Wallet 

Your employer has partnered with EverCheck Wallet, an application for you to manage, update, and submit your job-required licenses, certifications, and registrations, otherwise known as LCR's.

Getting Started
Check your work email inbox for an email from accounts@evercheck.com. It contains a unique link to register your EverCheck Wallet account. Click the link and then follow the prompts to register.

Accessing EverCheck Wallet
Once you've registered with EverCheck Wallet, you can access it any time on the web at evercheckwallet.com.

If you prefer to download the mobile app to your iPhone or Android device, visit the App Store or Google Play to download. Simply search for "EverCheck Wallet."

Log in using the credentials you specified during account registration.

Managing Your EverCheck Wallet Account
EverCheck Wallet is your go-to resource to submit updates to your existing LCR's or new LCR's. If any action is required, you'll see a notification in your Wallet inbox and via email. Be on the lookout for emails from accounts@evercheck.com.

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