In the world of EverCheck Wallet, there are two types of licenses: 

  1. Licenses that we verify automatically with the board. 
  2. Licenses that can't be automatically verified with the board, like American Heart Association course completion cards. 

For the licenses we track automatically, there's no extra work required to update your license in EverCheck Wallet. We'll recognize from the board's website that you've renewed and EverCheck Wallet will show your license's new expiration date and status. 

For licenses that we can't verify automatically, you'll need to update those in EverCheck Wallet. 

The best part is that you don't have to keep up with which license is which. Just log into EverCheck Wallet and we'll tell you what needs to be updated and walk you through how to do it. We'll even send you reminders to renew as your expiration date nears. 

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